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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Class Teacher: Miss Sulek

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kerfoot




In Year 4 we are curious of the world around us and understand that learning happens all the time – not only when we are in the classroom. The information shared below may be a helpful guide to support your child’s development, as well as learning at home and beyond. Please talk to your child about what they are learning in school and encourage them to further explore and research topics which they find interesting.



We are using the Talk for Writing scheme of work for our literacy lessons.
This half term we will be looking at the text “Perseus and Medusa”. This will lead us onto writing our own stories about defeating a monster, in which we will be working on character descriptions.

Throughout the year we will continue to work on key literacy skills such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, oral and listening skills. This will be through a range of games and activities, as well as tasks picked specifically for each child to target their misconceptions and areas of weakness.


We are using the White Rose Maths scheme, based on the mastery approach. This places a heavy emphasis on deep mathematical understanding, using a variety of concrete and pictorial resources to support learning. We are not just learning ‘how’ – but also ‘why’.

This half term we are working on multiplication and division.

As skilled mathematicians, we will be working hard throughout the year to use the correct mathematical vocabulary when we explain our work, both orally and written down. Some examples of vocabulary that children should be using this term are:
- Hundreds, Tens, Ones
- Operation
- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division – rather than terms such as ‘plusing, minusing, timesing’ e.g. “We are multiplying by 3” rather than “We are timesing by 3”.
- Equal
- Groups of
- Sharing
- Halving, Doubling

- Dividend / Divisor

- Associative law

- sum / product


(International Primary Curriculum)

Over the next few weeks we will be following the topic "Shake it!". This is a unit of work that focuses on states of matter, reversible and irreversible reactions and food technology. 


We will also be looking into marketing and branding, as we design and pitch our own milkshake brand!

Our IPC curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, by immersing children into a topic - and making them really excited about learning!


homeworkClass homework will be set on Century Tech. 
readingWe recommend that reading should happen at home daily. 

We are now using the Accelerated Reader programme across KS2, where children will pick school books to take home, which they will then complete a quiz on to test their understanding. 


PE takes place on a Thursday afternoon.
Please ensure your child comes into school with the appropriate PE kit on this day.