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Welcome To

Loughborough Church of England

Primary School

"Together in God's grace, may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly"

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Who's Who

 Meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Stillwell               Head Teacher

Mrs N Ferey                 Assistant Head/Pupil premium
Mrs R Busby                Assistant Head/Year 6 Teacher

Miss R Evans               Teacher/Learning Mentor

Mr R Hewson               Year 5 Teacher
Mrs L Blackmore          Year 4 Teacher
Miss L Elverson           Year 3 Teacher
Mrs L Zachariah           Year 2 Teacher
Mrs J Ruffle                  Year 1 Teacher
Mrs V Robson-York      EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Teacher
Mrs Z Peters                EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Teacher
Miss C McKillop           Senco (Special Educational Needs)

Support Staff

Mrs N Downs             FSP (Foundation Stage Practitioner)
Mrs F Marshall            HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Tripp                  HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Kerfoot              Teaching Assistant ICT

Mrs J Frost                  LSA Supporting SEN
Miss S Woodier          LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Mrs L South                LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Miss E Wing                LSA (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S Vindhani           LSA (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs L Freer                 LSA (Learning Support Assistant) 

Miss R Dossett           Play Ranger

Miss L Mitchell            Learning Mentor 
Miss R Nicholls           LSA (Learning Support Assistant) 
Mr K Davies                Sports Coach


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs T Holland             Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Robinson         Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Nicholls            Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Wallhead           Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Barradell           Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Start                 Midday Supervisor

Miss J Walker             Midday Supervisor

Office Staff

Mrs S Sweeting        School Business Manager
Mrs D Start               Admin Assistant/Attendance Officer

Mrs A Gilbert             Admin Assistant

Premises Staff


Mr C Dickens             Premises Officer

Mrs D Start                Assistant Premises Officer
Mrs M Hind                Cleaner
Miss M Middleton       Cleaner


Kitchen Staff


Mrs M Clarke

Mrs V Bala Krishan

Ms C Smith