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"Together in God's grace, may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly"

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School Uniform

At Loughborough CofE we encourage the wearing of our school uniform as it creates a sense of identity and belonging to our school. Our uniform promotes this. The school badge is a reminder of the joining of both Emmanuel and Warner schools in 1989 and the links between the Loughborough Churches.

Our preferred school uniform consists of the following items:
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan.
  • White/light blue polo shirt or shirt.
  • Grey pinafore, grey/navy skirt or grey/navy trousers.
  • Sensible black children's shoes.
  • Summer dresses - pale blue and white check
  • P.E. kit - plimsolls, top, shorts/tracksuit for cold weather - a drawstring bag please!
Jeans may not be worn in school by any children. School polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans and outdoor fleeces are available for purchase from the school office.


Jewellery and other valuables

Jewellery, including rings should not be worn to school. If your child has pierced ears, only small studs should be worn in the interest of safety. Earings must not be worn during P.E lessons and we request that your child does not wear earings to school on P.E days. Any child whose earings cannot be removed for medical reasons, can undertake P.E wearing an earing providing the earing is covered by a plaster or tape. (Only stud earings are acceptable in this and parents should ensure that the  plaster or tape is applied on P.E days.) Please note, however, the swimming pool does not allow children to wear earings under any circumstances for swimming. Wrist watches may be worn to school but we cannot accept responsibility for their safekeeping. Children  are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school.


To order your school uniform please click on the link below.