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This is the Loughborough Church of England Year Five and Six blog! In the coming weeks you will be able to read staff and PFA interviews, find out about our sporting achievements and find links to fun websites to help with your learning.  If you have something that you would like to be included in the school blog, then please speak to Mrs Zachariah or Miss Evans.





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Move it boom!

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The Sporting Event at Charnwood College smiley


At the beginning of the term, some of year 5 and some of year 6 took a coach to Charnwood College to participate in a sporting event. First, we warmed up by racing and practicing some basketball tactics. Then we did some shooting and some shooting into the hoop races. We didn’t play against other schools though.

After that, we walked over to the netball court and practiced some netball tactics. Later on, we played a few small games of netball. Most people’s favourite was netball.

Towards the end, we went to the football field and we raced with the balls and pretended to be footballers. We finished the day by playing  British Bulldog.

Finally, we got back on the coach and went back to school.

                                                                                                                                                         By Amber