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Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education


The teaching of Religious Education (RE) is given a high importance in our curriculum and aims to support children to develop positive attitudes of respect towards people of all faiths and none.


Pupils will spend between 5 and 10% of curriculum time studying RE. One third of this time will be spent studying religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and two-thirds will be spent on the study of Christianity.


We have adopted the Leicestershire Agreed RE Syllabus 'Harmony and Diversity' when teaching about other religions. When teaching Christianity, we follow the Church of England's 'Understanding Christianity' syllabus. This syllabus was written with a desire to see pupils leave primary school with a coherent understanding of Christian belief and practice, as part of a wider religious, theological and cultural literacy.

Follow the links below to see some of the things that our year groups have been learning about in R.E.