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"Together in God's grace, may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly"

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Our Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors' section!

Loughborough C of E Governance Arrangements






 Howard Jones – Foundation Governor (All Saints Church)           Responsibilities: Chair of Governors

      Term of Office: 22nd November 2022

                                  Pecuniary Interests: Trustee of Edward Warner Trust


       Janine Stillwell – Ex-officio (HeadTeacher)

         Term of Office: Ongoing 

          Pecuniary Interests: Company Director of Loughborough Church of England Primary School




        Revd. Michael Broadley – Foundation Ex-officio (Emmanuel Church)

          Term of Office: 31st August 2024

            Pecuniary Interests: Trustee of Emmanuel Church Loughborough




Revd. Wendy Dalrymple – Foundation Ex-officio (All Saints Church)

           Term of Office: 31st May 2025

             Pecuniary Interests: None     





         Andrew Duxbury – Foundation Governor (Emmanuel Church)

               Responsibilities: SEND Governor, Chair of Audit Committee

             Term of Office: 30th January 2023

             Pecuniary Interests: Trustee of Loughborough Child Contact Centre,

             Employee/Manager at RNIB College


        Gwyn Bates – Foundation Governor (All Saints Church)

             Responsibilities: Vice-Chair, Chair of Resources Committee       

             Term of Office: 2nd May 2021

              Pecuniary Interests:  Partner in Kegworth Lets, Property Rental Partnership and Member                     of All saints + Holy Trinity Church PCC


         Georgina Doyle – Foundation Governor

               Term of Office: 24th September 2024

             Pecuniary Interests: Chartered Member of RTPI




             Chris Hardisty – Parent Governor

            Term of Office: 31st January 2022

              Pecuniary Interests: Employee and director of Worth-it Positive Education CIC




         Eva Mitchell – Parent Governor                                                     

            Term of Office: 31st January 2022

            Pecuniary Interests: None




        Liz Blackmore – Staff Governor

         Term of Office: 1st September 2023

          Pecuniary Interests: None



                          Anne Gilbert - Staff Governor

                           Term of office: 18th March 2024

                               Pecuniary interests: None


                            Joanne Wilkinson - Foundation Governor

                           Term of office: 11th June 2024

                               Pecuniary interests: TBC



       Cath Watson – Clerk to the Governing Body

          Term of Office: 31st March 2028

            Pecuniary Interests: None




Governors/Trustees who have stepped down in the last 12 months:


Katie Fletcher: Foundation Governor (Emmanuel Church), Term of office: 14th June 2019 - 13th June 2023; date stepped down: 1st April 2021




Chair of Governors: Howard Jones - Chair

DLET Appointee: Simon Beals

DLET Appointee: Stephen Adshead

Diocese of Leicester Educational Trust: Carolyn Lewis


Members who have stepped down in the last 12 months:



Governor/Trustee Attendance at board meetings 2019-20


Gwyn Bates            6 out of a possible 6

Simon Beals           1 out of a possible 1

Liz Blackmore         4 out of a possible 6

Michael Broadley     3 out of a possible 6

Andy Duxbury         3 out of a possible 6

Wendy Dalrymple    0 out of a possible 6

Georgina Doyle       6 out of a possible 6

Chris Hardisty         4 out of a possible 6

Howard Jones         6 out of a possible 6

Eva Mitchell            4 out of a possible 6

Mick O'Flynn           1 out of a possible 2

Jackie Tripp            2 out of a possible 2

Janine Stillwell        6 out of a possible 6

Anne Gilbert           3 out of a possible 3

Katie Fletcher         5 out of a possible 6

Joanne Wilkinson    0 out of a possible 1














Governing Body Committee Membership


Resources Management: Gwyn Bates (Chair), Howard Jones, Georgina Doyle, Andy Duxbury, Janine Stillwell (Headteacher)


Teaching & Learning: Janine Stillwell (Headteacher), Eva Mitchell, Joanne Wilkinson, Anne Gilbert, Isabelle Coad


Ethos & Wellbeing: Janine Stillwell (Headteacher), Wendy Dalrymple, Michael Broadley, Liz Blackmore, Chris Hardisty


Audit & Risk: Andy Duxbury (Chair), Howard Jones, Gwyn Bates.  Janine Stillwell attends in her capacity as Headteacher and Sian Sweeting in her capacity as School Business Manager but neither have a vote.


HT Performance Management: Howard Jones (Chair), Gwyn Bates, Michael Broadley