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In our music lessons we are excited about using a resource called Charanga for music tuition. This is a modern, interactive way for KS1 and KS2 to access the curriculum. Throughout their learning children will learn about Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Timbre, Texture and Structure. Children are encouraged to listen and appraise, to enjoy various musical activities including composition and performing.


Information about Charanga can be found on the internet.


Tuition for Year 5 continues with ukulele lessons with Mr Giles. We do hope to eventually  re-establish a continuation string group which would run after school for Year 6 pupils who enjoy learning and playing strings. We await further guidelines from the Government regarding safety in this area. 


This term, Handbell club is already underway for Year 6 pupils who have expressed an interest. 

Unfortunately Choir is on hold due to Government restrictions and guidance  regarding singing.


Sadly, just prior to lockdown, several music events were being planned which had to be postponed or cancelled following guidelines.

Last term, Mrs Priestly and Mr Holdgate visited school in order to teach individual piano and small group brass to several Key Stage 2 pupils. This is presently on hold but will hopefully resume as soon as guidance allows.


Last academic year, Mrs Stillwell introduced the school to Fischy Music. We use this resource to learn new expressive songs during  Celebration Worship and in our classrooms. Everyone has enjoyed the songs and has their own favourite.

This resource can be found on the internet should you wish to take a look.








Brass Instruments

Wood Wind Instruments