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Impact of Collective Worship

How does our collective worship link to our values


We had a visit from Dave Thomas who is an ambassador for the

Matt Hampson Foundation, a charity which raises money for young people seriously injured in sport to help with their rehabilitation. Dave led our collective worship which was really interesting and was a very good reminder about our Christian value 'Compassion'. It showed us how care and support could really make a difference and about how we could follow the example set by Jesus. 


Dave Ward had also painted a picture of Jamie Vardy which he had given to the school to raise money for charity, which was signed by Jamie Vardy. We decided to work with the MHF to auction it off to raise funds for this worthwhile cause. We are now waiting for Matt Hampson himself to contact us .......... so watch this space!!!

A group of year 4 children planned and led an assembly. They told the Bible story of the 'Widows Offering' and told us that the Bible teaches us to be generous to others who have less than ourselves.

How does our collective worship help us to feel peace within ourselves?



What is the Holy Spirit and how can it help us?


Year 6 Testimonies


We asked some of our year 6 children to take a moment to reflect on our collective worship. We asked them what values they would take away with them and why.

Here are just a few responses.


Lola left July 2017


Firstly, the main value I believe is important is forgiveness because without that you would lose lots of friends. You have to be strong to forgive but eventually it will make everyone feel better.


Another thing is trust. Without trusting people you would ruin friendships as they wouldn't be able to trust you either.


Also, honesty is very important because this will resolve conflict. You should always be honest (even if it could get you in trouble) because then you will gain trust - another important value love is so important because that is how you make families.


Hanin left July 2017


First of all, I think that the top three values of the world should be: love, peace and honesty. If the world and all the people concluded these things then the world would be a quiet and loving place.


Love brings everyone closer together, it also helps people understand and get to know one another.


Without peace then the world would be a loud  and sad place. Unfortunately without peace there wouldn't be world peace - therefore leading into fights. 


Finally, honesty, if you're not honest all the time then your friends and people around you won't like you.


Caleb left July 2017


The three most important values to me are love, peace and honesty.


Love because if there was no love in the world everyone would hate each other and everyone would be stressed and angry. 


Peace because without it there would be war and fighting but in life we need harmony and peace so that there is no fighting.


And finally honesty because we need it so that everyone  doesn't lie and tell people things that did not happen and if there was no honesty the whole world will be a lie but we need truth to make us live.


Lucas left in 2017


Firstly, I think that love is the most important to me, it brings family, friends and loved ones together. It can also impact on peoples life style and friends.


Forgiveness is a very strong word. It is hard to say sorry but it is even harder to forgive. Forgiveness is the key to love.


Peace is very easy to encounter. Wherever you feel joy at peace in your heart it is the Holy Spirit. Without peace the world would be at war.


Joshua left July 2016


Over my seven years at school and the daily collective worships, the three values that matter more to me are respect, honesty and trust. I think these are all values that the world cannot live without.


Respect is very important to me because without it everyone would fight or take over each other. What's the point in friendship without respect for your friends? If you lack respect for someone you will not be able to learn from them.


Honesty is important to me because without it we would get nowhere if everything is a lie. You would not be a trustworthy person without honesty. Honesty is what keeps us all together.


Trust is important to me because without it honesty wouldn't mean anything. Someone will not want to be your friend if they always think your lying. Trust allows people to grow good friendships.


Jasmine left July 2016


When I reflect on the values from all of the collective worships I've had during my time at C of E, the topics that I would use in my life would be respect, honesty and peace.


The value of respect is important to me because ever since I was young, my parents taught me how to be respectful and to be thankful for simple things. I think that this value is very special because you cannot grow to be a good person if you are not respectful of the things around you.


Honesty is a value that teaches us how to grow. It  is sometimes tempting to exaggerate the truth in order to impress our friends, but it is harder to be truthful and not to repeat gossip. When someone tells the truth, it can be like a light being switched on and it is much clearer to see.


Peace is valued by people all around the world. The value peace allows us, as people,  to grow and change. Without peace, the world wouldn't be a peaceful community; instead a place where humans do not respect the planet they live in and also the people around them.



Amelie left July 2016


Over the years, from collective worship, I have gined alot of knowledge about values at Loughborough C hurch of England. The three values that are most important to me are respect, forgiveness and peace.


The value of respect is important to me because you value them as a person and are thoughtful of their opinions. It's too respect person and property and it's nice for others to respect you. You feel dignified and happy.


Forgiveness is about accepting apologies; it takes a strong person to say sorry, but an even stronger person to forgive. Being able to forgive somebody means that you can leave your anger and bitterness behind you and move forward to better things.


Peace . I think people should apply this to their lives as without peace there would be more violence and hatred in the world. Peace is calm and comforting and by far one of the most important values everyone needs to know.



Kieran left 2016


When I reflect on the collective worship at Loughborough C of E the three main values I will remember most are trust, forgiveness and honesty.


Trust is important to me because you wouldn't be able to move forward and become friends in secondary school without it. It is important to be trustworthy even though it may be tempting to tell other people gossip about others.


Forgiveness is an important value to me because you have to move on and can't keep hold on to things from the past. You have to forgive those who sin against you while God forgives your sin against other people. Being forgiven is also about beginning again. When we forgive someone we expect  them to change their behaviour to show they really are sorry.


Honesty is important to me because it is about telling the truth. It is important not to tell lies and not to try to influence people to make the wrong choices. I try to always be truthful and not to give in and tell a lie just to get myself out of trouble.


Parent views on how effective we are as a church school



Parent consultation on our proposed new Vision and Values' statement