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Higher Learning Potential

Every lesson - every day, we always aim to challenge all pupils, whatever their ability! 

Higher Learning Potential ‘enrichment day’ at Beaumanor Hall


On Wednesday 6th September four of our children joined children from nine different schools, from the Loughborough Primary Academies Partnership (LPAP), who have been identified as having higher learning potential at Beaumanor Hall.

The children enjoyed a range of different activities there which included:

  • Nightline – where children were partnered up, blindfolded and instructed to lead their partner around a set course to get them used to the feeling of being without sight. They then completed the nightline course independently! The children loved this and enjoyed getting muddy.
  • Orienteering – along the route the children had to collect parts of the ‘buggy’ that they would have to build. They then constructed their buggy which they raced later on in the afternoon. The children all thoroughly enjoyed racing the buggies and making new friends from other local schools.