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"Together in God's grace, may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly"

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In school we have enjoyed making links with schools in other parts of the world and finding out how other children live. We have participated in two teacher exchange visits to China and Tobago and have been pen-pals with pupils in Tobago.


We are currently working towards the Global Neighbours Bronze award run by Christian Aid which aims to ensure the children understand the meaning of 'Global belonging' and that they see the connections that link all human beings together. We aim to nurture the values, attitudes, understanding and skills that children will need if they are to realise their hopes and aspirations for a more just, equal and sustainable world. Christian Aid has always been a charity that we have supported and we have used many of their resources in our collective worship.


Smarty Pants is a magazine that our Year 5 and 6 pupils write with other academy pupils. They have written about our incredible world and global warming.



KS2 had a visit from Ramelle Kasabele, a former refugee from the Congo. Ramelle talked about her experiences as a refugee and her new life here in the UK. Ramelle then worked with our Year 5 class exploring the refugee experience through creative arts and song.