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Beaumanor Hall (Year 3 Residential)

Year 3 children have recently returned from their residential trip to Beaumanor Hall. We all had a fantastic time, learned a lot of new skills, formed freindships and gained memories.
Here are some of the fun activities that we have done.

We started with a pirate day where we did a maths hunt around the grounds and made pirate hats with pirate names like: 
                            - Loopy Lola
                            - Angry Amam
                            - Bossy Betsy

That night we played hide and seek in the dark cellars. It was TERRIFYING!!

The next day (after very little sleep in our lovely bunks) we went pond dipping and bug hunting. We caught some amazing creatures.

In the evening we had a lovely dinner in the main house (very posh) and played games in the gym. Our favourite was called "Floppy Socks" (Don't ask).

At night we had hot chocolate and a story before bed.

On the last day we sat around a camp fire and had squirrel soup (although we know it was really hot cocoa) and built our own  survival shelters from rope, plastic sheeting and anything we could find (sticks etc).

We had a great time!


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