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The school council is made up of two children from each class from year 2 to year 6. We meet on a Wednesday lunchtime to discuss any issues that have arisen in school, to count housepoints or help plan events.

The school council are presently looking forward to a trip to the Mayor’s Chambers on 22nd November 2017. Here they will learn about the role of the Mayor, the history of the Mayor and the Chambers and they find out about the makeup of the Mayor’s robes. The children wonder at seeing the ghostly picture of the Chambers and then enjoy the refreshments afterwards.

The school council then have an assembly to prepare for the beginning of December which will advise on road safety and stranger danger. The school council will prepare this themselves with a little guidance from Miss Evans.

Throughout the summer the school council assist with the safe handling of playground equipment and then have a stall to run at the summer fair.

The school council offers a good opportunity for children to build on their communication and organisation skills, as well as promoting their team work and presentation skills.

I look forward to the rest of the school year with the current school council.

Miss Evans
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Please speak to your class representative if you have an idea or suggestion.