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Cooking Club

There is no cooking club running at the moment.

We will let you know when the club starts up again.

In cooking club we have made individual mini Christmas cakes.


In the first session we made the cake mixture and then cooked the cakes in mini baked bean tins.


In the next session we thinly iced the cakes using apricot jam and regal icing.


The following session involved icing our cakes with royal icing (I think more ended up on fingers and the table and im sure some sneaky eating was involved as well). We put the icing on to make it look like snow had fallen and covered the cakes.


In the final session we finally got to decorate the cakes. We had lots of lovely ideas and designs; snowmen with top hats, Santa, presents, snowballs, holly, christmas trees and stars.


All of the cakes looked wonderful and to top it off they got a dusting of something sparkly.


Below are some pictures of the different stages of making the Christmas cakes and ones of the final master pieces.